Speech Assessments

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what do speech therapy assessments comprise of?

Speech therapy assessments include a combination of approaches to gain a deeper understanding of an individual’s communication skills. 

For children, this can involve parent and/or child interviews, formal standardised tests, language sampling, observations of play and interactions with others (e.g. family members, peers), and rating scales or checklists completed by a family member/teacher/the individual. We will also use information gathered from other professionals who know your child, including teachers, psychologists, doctors and other members of your child’s team to formulate a complete picture.

For adults, this includes an interview with us, formal standardised tests, language sampling and informal tests (e.g. rating scales, observations of interactions) if necessary. Depending on the type and severity of your concern, we may also wish to interview your caregiver or close family members in order to get a holistic understanding of your communication skills. 

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